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Kamerahersteller Brickstream und VISAPIX intensivieren ihre Partnerschaft.

Der führende Kamerahersteller Brickstream und VISAPIX intensivieren ihre Partnerschaft.

VISAPIX setzt schon seit längerem auf den qualitativ führenden und zuverlässigsten 3D-Kamerahersteller Brickstream. Nun beschlossen die beiden Unternehmen ihre Partnerschaft zu intensivieren und im deutschsprachigen Raum verstärkt zusammen aufzutreten.

Lesen Sie hierzu die Pressemeldung von Brickstream:

Brickstream Expands Global Reach with 25 New Channel Partners

Brickstream Smart Devices Capture More than 3.2 Billion Visitor Actions Each Quarter for Retailers, Banks, Event Venues, Healthcare Providers and other Businesses World-wide 

Atlanta, Ga., January 29, 2013 – Brickstream, a leader in behavior intelligence solutions for environments where people shop, gather, work and play, today announced that it has significantly expanded its global reach with the addition of 25 new partners over the last 12 months, a number that doubles the company’s worldwide reseller channel network. Thanks in part to this momentum - which strengthens Brickstream’s presence in Europe and fast-growing Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets - the com-pany’s highly accurate 3D smart devices are now capturing more than 3.2 Billion visitor actions quarterly at retail stores, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, sporting events, concert venues and other physical loca-tions worldwide, helping businesses analyze, understand and better serve their customers. 

“Brickstream’s behavior intelligence solutions have become the industry standard for accuracy and ana-lytic versatility,” said Steve Jeffery, CEO of Brickstream. “Unlike less sophisticated legacy technologies such as thermal imaging and monocular CCTV cameras, our 3D smart devices are capable of capturing detailed information about visitor traffic, queuing behavior, wait times, service levels and more within brick and mortar environments. The rapid growth we’ve experienced this past year, including the expansion of our partner network to new markets, is a testament to the global demand for solutions that can help re-tailers, banks, grocery chains and other types of people-centric businesses gain the insight they need to improve service, staff more effectively and increase revenues.”

Partners that have recently joined Brickstream’s growing reseller network include: BCI Technologies (North America); Cohera Technologies (Australia/New Zealand); CV Fajar Venus Jaya (Indonesia); Fol-lowUP (Chile); Microlog (Italy); Tiendatec (Mexico); Vemco Group (Denmark); Unicross (Shanghai) and VISAPIX (Germany). In addition, Brickstream tripled headcount in 2012 and opened offices in Singapore and Germany. The company is also continuing to advance the state-of-the-art in brick and mortar analyt-ics, adding capabilities that will extend the reach of its behavior intelligence solutions to vertical markets ranging from building services to healthcare. “Our solutions go far beyond people counting,” said Jeffery. “Brickstream’s goal is to become the de facto analytics platform for businesses that want detailed, click-stream-level intelligence in brick and mortar environments. Supported by a deep channel partner bench tapped into high-growth markets around the world, we are well on our way to making this happen.”  

About Brickstream
Brickstream is a leading provider of behavior intelligence solutions for understanding human behavior in the places where people shop, gather, work and play. Brickstream’s technology intelligently collects, integrates and analyzes data related to the actions of people as they enter, move through and exit an environment, delivering the equiva-lent of clickstream analytics for the brick-and-mortar world. Premier retailers, grocery chains, hospitals, banks and others use Brickstream to understand more about their customers and visitors, and draw on the insight gained to enhance customer service, optimize resources, and maximize economic opportunities in real-time. Headquartered in Atlanta, Brickstream has the largest installed base of 3D smart devices worldwide, a global network of partners, and regional offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.brickstream.com or follow Brickstream on twitter @brickstream


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Kamerahersteller Brickstream und VISAPIX intensivieren ihre Partnerschaft. - Ausbau der Partnerschaft »

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